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VOlunteerism + Friendship=Civitan!

Great Southwest District Officers

It is an honor to be selected...


District Officers spread the values and the genuine love of service for others to more people everyday. Officers help this organization affect more lives in a positive way. The mission and purpose of the district is to further the principles of Civitan within a defined geographic territory as a management and administrative divistion of Civitan Internationnal with responsibility for:

  • Providing communication channels between clubs, districts adn Civitan Internationa.l
  • Increasing Membership.
  • Establishing and nurturing new clubs.
  • Assisting and supervising clubs.
  • Training club and district officers.
  • Providing motivation and inspiration to Civitan and clubs.
  • Developing future leasdership for clubs, districts and Civitan International.
  • The district shall facilitate the exchange of ideas and fellowship between clubs to encourage their participation in the purposes, programs and policies of Civitan International to the benefit of their communities and nations. Below you will find tools for District Officers: Area Directors, Protocol Guide and Recruitment Meeting Form.
  • Leadership in our District

    Our district and club officers play a major role in encouraging our members to share the experience of Civitan as we serve others.

    Our Great Southwest Civitan District has a well developed set of policies and procedures for all aspects of running our District. Our Policies include: Awards, Club Operation, District Financial, and District Policy.

    Download District Policies


    civitan_awardDistrict Awards

    And the award goes to...

    2013-2014 District Awards are coming! Now is the time to start readying for this year’s awards!  You have all done SO much this year as “Hometown Heroes” and you deserve to be recognized for it! We would LOVE for every club to submit at least one application this year.

    Need help or have any questions?  Contact Awards Chair

    Download Award Forms below.

      We want to make sure every District Civitan Club has received the applications.  Sometimes Officers change within the year, please encourage and help the President with these awards.  With your help, the process can run very smoothly and quickly.  Secretaries, please have your monthly volunteer hours sheets/logs available, as those are needed to complete the applications.  Area Directors, please encourage your Clubs to submit for awards!

    Please remember, you are writing an award application in an essay format.  Include anything you feel will help the application win within the time-frame, adjectives help!  And, include Member ‘percentage of participation’.  This enables the Judges to compare a small and a large Club in the same category. 

    District Awards download



    Civitan District Leadership

    The 7 Responsibilities of Leadership

    There are seven basics that never change, the key responsibilities of leadership in any organization.

    Your First Responsibility: Set and Achieve District Goals

    The Second Responsibility of Leadership: Innovate and Share Your District With Others

    The Third Responsibility of Leadership: Solve Problems and Make Decisions

    The Fourth Responsibility of Leadership: Set Priorities and Focus on Key Tasks

    The Fifth Responsibility of Leadership: Be a Role Model to Others

    The Sixth Responsibility of Leadership: Persuade, Inspire, and Motivate Others to Follow You

    The Seventh Responsibility of Leadership: Perform and Get Results

    Leadership Manual


    Leadership civitan pinOpportunities

    Each year the Governor selects a team of people to him/her carry out the duties of the District. Sometimes there are positions not yet filled. If you have skills, talents, and training to fill the open position please contact the Governor with your interest.

    District Officer- No Open Positions


    contact Governor